Happy New Year 2012!

Wow, We didnt expect to be so well received!! What a wonderful time we had at the store for our first Christmas!! I am happy to see how many people are interested in shopping local and natural. There was a bigger demand than I anticipated, therefore I will be a busy bee making soaps, sea salt scrubs, teas, lotions and bottling our honey!!

Here is one of our popular Teas created by Amanda

New items we have now are:

-Homemade bread that has no artificial preservatives, no fillers and no corn syrup!!! Only the natural goodness of our Honey!!
-Goat Milk Soap
-Handmade wood jewelry boxes, coaster sets and potpourri boxes-Amazing craftsmanship!!
-Variety of Coffee mugs
-Herbal teas hand blended on site by our Herbalist Amanda
-Quilts hand and machine pieced
-All natural hand sanitizer-made with essential oils-will not affect your endocrine system like commercial sanitizers.

Our goal for the new year is to help assist people in reaching their goals of a healthier lifestyle. With the addition of a commercial grain mill, we will be milling local grains and will soon be able to provide corn meal mixes, pancake mixes, flax meal, muffin mixes etc. We cant wait to get started!!

We are always making new and interesting products at the Log Cabin.  Everything is handmade, as local as possible and as natural as possible.  We use recycled materials from US manufacters for our containers and we personally recycle any glass at our store.  At this time we are accepting new artisans, if you handmake items that are old fashioned, natural or healthy, please stop by and talk to us!

This is going to be a big year of change at the cabin, I can tell!! Hope to have you there with us!!

Yours Naturally,