What are we doing now??

I am very late getting back to our website, but we wanted to let you know that our Grand Opening was a Grand Success thanks to all who attended!!  We have met so many wonderful customers/friends and we are greatful for your support.

The store has been keeping us busy so far! I have been creating many different Apothecary blends for customers who would like a certain scent or have a skin problem they want taken care of naturally. Randy has extracted our latest honey and let me tell you it is beautiful! Much darker than normal (meaning more medicinal!!) we attribute this to a plant called Smartweed. Randy has also been busy building our custom crates for gifts or storage.   Yesterday he built an observation hive for our daughters school in order to teach the children all about bees.  Next items on our to do list is to get ready for the Barlow Fall Fair (Sept. 22-25, 2011) and the Warren Craft Show(Date?)! We hope to see everyone there!!!

We are also going to be ordering our Commercial Grain Mill soon!  Looking to purchase all natural grains from our local farmers here to make wheat flour, corn meal, flax meal, oatmeal etc.  If you are a local farmer, please contact us!!  If you would like to purchase all natural flours, come to our store!  They will be available soon…..
As always you can check out some of our products at http://www.etsy.com/shop/BackToBasicsLogCabin
Email for anything custom!!! Or if you have any questions or comments:)