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Happy New Year 2012!

Wow, We didnt expect to be so well received!! What a wonderful time we had at the store for our first Christmas!! I am happy to see how many people are interested in shopping local and natural. There was a bigger demand than I anticipated, therefore I will be a busy bee making soaps, sea […]

What are we doing now??

I am very late getting back to our website, but we wanted to let you know that our Grand Opening was a Grand Success thanks to all who attended!!  We have met so many wonderful customers/friends and we are greatful for your support. The store has been keeping us busy so far! I have been creating many different […]

Essential Oils for Life…

I have been amazed with my experiences so far in dealing with Essential Oils.  Did you know that most medicines are based off of the healing attributes of plants?  Essential oils have been used for centuries to treat ailments, from bee stings to liver problems. Hippocrates the father of medicine stated “the way to health […]