Essential Oils for Life…

I have been amazed with my experiences so far in dealing with Essential Oils.  Did you know that most medicines are based off of the healing attributes of plants?  Essential oils have been used for centuries to treat ailments, from bee stings to liver problems. Hippocrates the father of medicine stated “the way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage everyday”.  Since most essential oils have antiviral, antiseptic, antifungal or anti-inflammatory characteristics, this is good advice.  Massage helps with circulation which increases your bodies immune system, and any germs floating around would be disinfected without the use of harmful chemicals.  A bath not only helps in relaxation, which is especially useful in today’s society with all the demands we put upon ourselves, but you benefit from aromatherapy in different ways depending on which oils you use. 

Today I want to focus on two particular essential oils, Lavender & Lemongrass.  Most people have heard of Lavender.  This oil is gentle enough for babies and is useful to aid in relaxation.  I personally have found the oil indispensable.  When we get a mosquito bite, I place a single drop of lavender oil on the bite and its anti-inflammatory action takes the itch and swelling away immediately!  Since it is also a natural bug deterrent, you will benefit from the scent keeping those pests away and smell nice while doing it!  From what I have seen so far, this summer is going to be a bad one for bugs, whether they are ants, mosquitoes or spiders.  Since my son is allergic to mosquitoes, I have created a soap that contains Lemongrass and Lavender essential oils.  This is an amazing combination, Citronella-one of the most popular bug fighting oils-is obtained from the Lemongrass plant.  Therefore the combination of having these two oils in a soap that contains no “perfumes” gives you a fighting chance against the beasts.

Lemongrass essential oil properties include antiseptic, analgesic (pain reliever), antifungal, antimicrobial and even antidepressant effects.So every time you use these essential oils and follow-up with the lotion stick we have created to compliment the soap, you are providing a natural barrier between yourself and germs, a scent barrier between you and bugs all added with a pleasant scent and moisturizing qualities for your skin.  Both of these products will be available in our store when we open this June and they are also available on our etsy page:

Signed,  Amanda