Environmental tip for the day:

If any of you have children in school, you will notice that you get an abundance of paperwork each and every day in your childs backpack.  Even though schools are having hard economic times and in the case of our school system; cutting bus transportation for our highschool students in order to save money, we still get sent between 5 and 20 sheets of paper each day.  Since I have worked with the school photocopiers, I know the duplex option is next to impossible to work, so I am suggesting that we re-use the papers that are sent home.  I have created pads of paper to take notes from, made booklets for my kids to make story books from and I have started to look into a shredder in order to try packaging some of our all natural baskets and crates with “recycled” materials.

Do you have any great ideas to recycle some of your waste paper coming into your home?  If so, please Blog with us!